Whisper a little prayer today…

Whisper a little prayer today for a friend of mine, Roy. He’s my brother-in-law, and he passed away quietly over the weekend from colon cancer.  He was only 65 years old. If you’re 70, then 65 seems like a young age. Roy struggled with his cancer, the multiple chemo sessions, the limitations, the parting of a relationship with his wife of 40+ years.

Roy was a good guy, a kind man, a lover of classical cars, and a designer of flow-systems for wineries. He had the same hopes, dreams, longings we all do… He was taken too soon by an evil monster.

Wish him “God’s Speed and happy landings” if you get a chance…. He’s just further down the path we are all on.

One other thing, this is a favorite saying of mine:

Today is both the oldest you’ve ever been… and the youngest you ever will be…think about it, and spend it wisely

It’s worth thinking about.


The link below, is a worthy read…

I have heard of this “alkaline-body” theory before. Not just because I’m a ‘cancer-guy’, either. The truth is… we are ALL cancer-people; there’s about a 40% chance you’ll get it (and die from it,) in your lifetime.


Just below is an excerpt from the link concerning treating cancer from a ‘pH’ point of view, it makes sense to me. Plus, the author’s compelling story is hope for all who are in the 40% bracket:

I let the pH info I got from my son incubate for a few days before I did any pH research. The research  lead to Cesium Therapy. Cesium is a mineral, that according to internet studies, likes to eat up cancer. It attacks the tumor from the inside out. And of course, it is highly alkaline.  

I was anxious to become friends with cesium. I had nothing to lose. I do not and did not care what the naysayers say. I wanted to do something. So Cesium it was! But wait…the cesium got lost in the mail. Oh crap, now what do I do? Wait for a reshipment? No…Can’t do that. I am on a roll; need to do something quickly. The next allopathic test is around the corner.

That is when I decided to try baking soda. It was something that I ran across on the internet that suggested  that it too would raise my body’s pH.

Now both of these pH raising substances did not indicate they would be successful in killing bone cancer. Quite the contrary! The research indicated neither would help get rid of bone cancer. So, I decided to add a twist. I added Black Strap Molasses as the carrier.

 Long story short. I did it. I drank a baking soda solution   I started 2 June 2008 and quit 12 June 2008. I quit because I was scheduled for another bone scan on 13 June 2008. They wanted to see how far that doctors’ thing spread or if what they were doing has slowed it down.

Here’s his link, everyone has to decide on their on, like I said, it makes sense to me…




Testosterone… Yikes!


So I had an interesting conversation this past week. Many of you know that I’m a web developer, and have been building websites for a long time. I got a call this past Wednesday from a doctor who needed a website built. In the course of our conversation, he asked me if I had built any other medical sites, and I pointed to several I had built. It turned out he was a ‘cancer doctor’ (oncologist), and then we had a longish conversation about cancer.

In the course of our conversation, I mentioned I had been treated for prostate cancer in 2008, and that the radiation treatment had been successful. – THEN… I added that I was disappointed when the recurrence of my prostate cancer happened…. THEN… I further added that I treated the recurrence with a ‘vegetarian-diet”, and my previously ACcelerating PSAs were DEcelerating. Since he was an oncologist, I was waiting for him to scoff; but then he said, “Do you know why that worked?” – (Shock!, What did he just say??… a cancer doc from the medical establishment just said: “Do you know why that worked?” – “I’m all ears,” I said.

Let me digress here and tell you that testosterone is the KEY hormone in the progression of prostate cancer. You can think of it as prostate cancer ‘feeding’ on testosterone. It doesn’t ‘feed’ on it exactly, but it DOES augment its growth. That’s why cancer-docs almost always recommend a series of ‘anti-testosterone’ shots and subsequent regimen, to reduce the level of testosterone “produced’ by the body, (at a cost of $500 a MONTH!)

Well, ‘produced by the body’ is the key phrase. While the body does, indeed, produce testosterone, that’s NOT where the majority of it comes from. – According to the cancer doc, the meat industry (beef/pork/chicken/ anything that grows) is REPLETE with testosterone ADDED by the meat-producer.  —  and WE ARE EATING IT!

It makes sense if you think about it; all those cow/pig/chicken producers are business people FIRST, who want to make an (ever-increasing) profit. So… it behooves them to make their livestock as heavy as they can when they’re sold. Therefore, extra-liberal doses of testosterone results in greater profit for them, in the form of additional “sale-weight”. — The cancer doc knocked me over with his clear statement, and logical reasoning.


Also, as many of you know, I subscribe to “Dr. Mercola’s” newsletter. The good doc specializes in ‘life-extension’ / “quality-of-life” issues / and disease-prevention. – Let me refer you to an article in his Sunday edition: (http://everlast.mercola.com/nl/jsp/m.jsp?c=nQxeBm4c75fb5nPnRT5uIQ%3D%3D ) – The title of the artcicle is “The Best Way to Eat Organic, Even When on the Road.” – In the article, he features the work of a young woman who writes food-blog called:  Food Babe, (www.foodbabe.com) –  The FoodBabe’s personal story is that of a woman on a mission to actually change the food industry.

Here are some of her ‘findings’:

“Shortly after college, realizing that debate wasn’t really going to get me a job, I ended up switching my major to computer science and did what everybody else did. I entered the rat race,” she says.

“I got picked up by one of the top consulting firms in the country… managing large-scale projects, mergers, acquisitions, and integration work. I was travelling Sunday through Thursday, and quickly, at the age of 22 to 23 years old, I became really sick…

It was that life-changing moment that I realized, ‘Wait a minute, I gained 25 to 30 pounds within a three-month period, and then I had appendicitis?’ There’s something seriously wrong with what I’ve been doing and what I’ve been eating. What’s in the food, and what caused my body to be so out of whack?

Everyone says appendicitis is this random occurrence… But I don’t think it’s random, because it’s definitely related to your digestive system. And I was overloading my digestive system with tons of toxins.”

She soon discovered that not only are the vast majority of American food products loaded with toxic ingredients, from pesticides like glyphosate to artificial additives banned in many other countries, the food she was eating also fell short in terms of actual healthful nutrients.

She states:

“I’d been duped by the food industry,” — “I thought that eating a six-gram fat or less; 250-calorie or less Subway sandwich was healthy for me. I didn’t realize that the nine-grain bread had over 50 ingredients, with one ingredient that’s banned in Singapore. If you get caught using it, you get fined 450,000 dollars. I didn’t know that information. I ate those things because of the calories.

I thought, ‘Oh, look at all these vegetables inside.’ But I didn’t realize that the jalapenos have been dipped in petroleum-based dyes: Yellow #5 and Yellow #6. I didn’t realize that all of these buildups of chemicals in my body were causing these issues. And it wasn’t just appendicitis. I had asthma and allergies growing up. I was on three or four asthma medications… I had to see the doctor on a very frequent basis, even put on steroids to control my asthma. Now I have zero asthma. I’m on zero medications right now.”

That was the beginning of her series called: “Food Babe Investigates,” where she dug deeply into the products sold by major food companies, such as Starbucks, Subway, and Chipotle. She even took on Kraft Foods. It’s an actual fact that over 90 percent of processed foods sold in the US contain genetically engineered (GE) corn and soy. Those two ingredients are so pervasive they’re in foods you’d never expect, including baby food and condiments of every sort.

She discovered:

“They [the food manufacturers] can actually mimic other real food ingredients using corn and soy,” she says. “The majority of the food that I’d been eating was either GE corn or soy. No wonder my entire body was acidic, not alkaline, and was completely overrun with the lack of nutrition, because I was getting my nutrition from one or two ingredients. I wasn’t getting my nutrition from kale, whole foods, and good sources of nutrition.”

And then I found out that not only is it in the 90 percent of the processed foods, it’s in 90 percent of the restaurants. It’s in almost all foods in America, but not in other countries. They require a label in other countries. Over 65 countries right now require some type of regulation [on GMOs]. And the United States does not. Our fundamental right to eat is being denied right now as Americans.”

Here are her tips for cleaning up your own diet, and reaching out to others to share what you’ve learned:

  • Figure out healthy replacement foods. “I think that’s one of the questions I get on the blog the most: ‘Food Babe, you’re taking away all my food. If I can’t eat all this stuff, what can I eat instead?’” she says. Rest assured, while it may not be immediately obvious for people who have grown up relying on ready-made, pre-packaged foods and snacks, you can replace those foods with something equally satisfying that will support, rather than wreck, your health.
  • Swap out your local grocer. Swapping out your local grocery store for a natural health food store is one way that can help you find better replacement foods, since many of health food stores like Whole Foods and Earth Fare do not allow certain ingredients to begin with. Also, start shopping at the farmer’s market, and eliminate processed foods from your diet.
  • Shop online. “That has been one of the most fascinating things to me: if I can’t find an ingredient in my town, I can usually get in on the Internet,” she says
  • When eating out, ask your server about ingredients, such as: “Are you using any corn or soybean oil in these products that you’re feeding me today? My salad dressing, does it have soybean or corn oil?” You can open the conversation up in a positive way by asking questions about the foods you’re about to order at a time when everyone’s looking at ingredients anyway.
  • Throw organic dinner parties. “Having people come over to your house and trying organic food has really helped inspire my friends to realize that you can eat really healthy and have organic food that tastes great,” she says. It’s also a great way to lead by example and show how to cook without processed foods and questionable ingredients.

Lastly, she says…

“There’s this great young individual, Birke Baehr, a 14-year-old genius who wants to be a farmer. He’s spreading his message. He came up with the following phrase, “You can either pay the farmer, or you can pay the hospital.”

I think people, when they start to eliminate processed foods, eliminate GMOs, buy organic food, eliminate the toxins and the chemicals in their food, and start feeling well… are going to say, ‘I want some of that. I want to feel like that person. Wow, look at her. Look at all the energy. And look what she’s giving back to the world.’

There is no way I would be able to have become a consultant, live that lifestyle, and started a blog, had I not been taking care of myself 100 percent. There’s no way I would have been able to give back to society that way. I just wouldn’t be able to do it.

I think feeling good and being healthy, should be everyone’s kind of number one priority in life. What’s the point of living life, traveling the world, and doing things that you want to do, if you can’t feel good and be healthy?”

Well, I know this is a little “preachy” and self-serving. On the other hand, we all have a choice, we can either continue our eating in a way that actually, progressively sickens and kills us.. OR… we can wise up and start eating in a way that makes us healthy…

Ol’ Birke, just above, is right… I’ll modify his statement this way: “You can either take control of your nutrition now, or pay the consequences of deteriorating health, and diminishing finances (to pay for your health care in the future.)

One more thing, consider subscribing to Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, and the FoodBabe’s blog. I already have, and I bet you’ll benefit from it too…

35 Years Ago Today…

Thirty five years ago today, I had my last drink of alcohol. Not the biggest deal in the world, right? Well, in my case, I was in jail. I don’t exactly remember my actual last drink, but two of “Atlanta’s Finest” believed I was drunk enough to take to jail. We had a disagreement about that, and when I came to… I made a note to myself not to argue (or fight) with police (again), — and also that they are very sensitive about being called names, (jeez, talk about sensitive.)

It may sound a little goofy, but I had an actual ‘spiritual-experience’ while I was in jail, (that particular time,) and discovered Alcoholics Anonymous, when I sobered up enough to get there. End of story, right? – Well maybe the rest of the story might enlighten you, or someone you know. At the depth of my alcoholism, I drank twelve ounces of vodka every two hours. (Oops… was that a ‘typo’?) Nah, you read it right, 12 ounces of vodka. Now, you may not know this, but it takes the liver about an hour to process an ounce of alcohol (ethanol.) So how in the world could I drink 12 ounces every two hours, right? – With great difficulty. — When one is perpetually drunk like that, it’s hard to actually FIND a liquor store… One of the things I admire about alcoholics is their tenacity. It doesn’t seem to matter that it’s negative tenacity, – but their ability to “stay the course”, even when jail is a likely outcome, is remarkable.

Let me share with you some of the interesting statistics of alcoholism – 80% don’t ‘make it’. “Huh – 80% don’t get sober, you mean?” – Nope, let me put it another way, 80% don’t live. Think about that, what if there was a disease out there that was 80% fatal? Would that get your attention? Well, there is… its called alcoholism. I can’t tell you how many times over the years when a friend of mine told me about their alcoholic loved one, and gave me their drinking-statistics. A LOT of those times I said, “Are you close to this person?” The answer was mostly ‘yes’. – And I said in reply, (no joke), “You might want to pay a personal visit to them, it could be that they have a 50/50 chance of not making it.” – “They’ll be fine, I’m sure… they always have been in the past,” was the frequent reply. How many, many times did I hear that the loved one had subsequently passed away. I’m not talking about elderly people here; I’m talking about 24 year olds, 33 year olds, 45 year olds… People who had a disease with an 80% fatality rate.

Check this out… the medical profession loses over 500 doctors a year due to alcohol and drug related deaths. – Or this… 30% of airline pilots take off drunk, covered up by their fellow flight attendants. (Think about that the next time you’re sitting on the runway.) You can’t imagine the carnage that active alcoholism has left in its wake. I have a dear friend in Omaha, whose only son was WALKING ON THE SIDEWALK, and a drunk-driver ran up onto the sidewalk and killed him. TO THIS DAY… he still grieves for his son. More statistics? – Cops are operating “under the influence”, and covered up by fellow officers and staff… fire-fighters, ‘first-responders’, teachers, taxicab drivers, I even heard of one OB-GYN doc who dropped a baby he was delivering. Chilling stories all…

For an alcoholic to be sober even ONE day is a miracle to me. I couldn’t stay sober 15 minutes, (seriously.) – In AA, we celebrate various milestones of sobriety. For instance, if one can stay sober 30 days, he/she gets a chit, (an engraved poker chip) commemorating their first thirty days of sobriety. To this very day… and I’m 35 years sober…. I STILL remember my 30-day chip the most, – and am the most proud of it. Trust me… neither me, nor my friends, nor the Atlanta Police Department EVER believed I could go 30 days without a drink of alcohol.

Alcoholism was so bad for me that I actually had to put some kind of cloth, (I used a flimsy towel) in my left hand, and drape the other end of the cloth over my neck to my right hand, and then grip my favorite glass, and PULL on the towel to raise the glass up to my lips to drink. It wasn’t that I was too weak to lift the glass… it was that I shook too much and would spill the precious alcohol as I brought it up to my lips. That shaking was a perpetual situation. It took me 90 days after my last drink to finally lose the ‘shakes’. Did I see snakes and spiders and stuff? – Oh yeah, and guess what… they’re REAL… Not actually real, but to the alcoholic’s mind… they were absolutely real. (shiver).

So what happened, right? – Well… I got sober… I got my 90-day sobriety chip, it was like the Medal of Honor to me… I got my six-months chip, (I still have it), I got my 9 months chip… (Are you kidding me??) And finally the grandest day of all for an alcoholic, my first anniversary. We actually call it a ‘birthday’ in AA because we really feel that we are re-born… Yeah, we may have had a ‘natal’ birthday, but oftentimes that is an accident, or at least a mild surprise. – When you get to your first birthday in AA, it really IS a miraculous birth. We had an 80% chance of not making it. — 80%, — it STILL amazes me that any alcoholic ever gets sober.

Let me tell you a little bit about my AA sponsor…. His name was Dal K. and he was 43 years sober when I met him. He was a veritable icon in Atlanta AA-circles, and I proudly asked him to be my sponsor. He proudly declined. I asked him again, several times. “No, no, no, no, no…” was his typical answer to me. But if I’m anything, I’m persistent. I told him flat out, “You might as well make it easy on yourself, because you ARE going to be my sponsor, I want to get sober, and that’s the bottom line.” He reluctantly agreed.

Here’s a description of Dal… He looked remarkably like George Burns. He was in his 70s when I met him, weighed about 120 pounds, and stood about 5 feet, four inches tall. Not much, huh… Well, let me tell you a little more about Mister ‘K’, — He started the first AA group in California… what that means is he ‘came to’ while drooling on a Saturday Evening Post article about a new organization founded to treat alcoholics; it was called “Alcoholics Anonymous”, and was written by a guy named Bill W. and a medical doctor named “Doctor Bob”.

Dal read (blearily, because he was drunk at the time) the article and stated to his fellow drunk, ‘Frenchy’, that maybe they could get sober with the aid of the article. The article listed the 12 Steps of Recovery, so Dal, Frenchy, and several other of their alcoholic buds started “The California Club”, right there on the dusty sidewalks of “off-Los Angeles.” – They actually took turns watching each other, four hours on, four hours off… each member took a turn. Lo and behold, 30 days later, they were all sober… and then they went out to recruit other likely candidates to their unique organization.

When I met Dal, he was living in Atlanta, with relatives, and had left the California Club. But here’s the thing, the still-active California Club got in touch with Dal and asked him if he would like to come back and be a ‘guest-speaker’ at one of their meetings. As you can imagine, Dal agreed, and they sent him an airline ticket. When they announced to the club, that the founder of the club, Dal K. was coming back, they suggested that everyone let the club know on how many people would attend that ‘open meeting.’

Let me digress a bit and tell you that every alcoholic (drunk or sober) affects (statistically) about 14 other people. Dal not only started the AA club, he also started the “Al-Anon” club, the “Al-a-Teen” club, the “Businessmen’s AA club” the “You-name-it” club. Dal K. reached out and touched, in a profound way, a TON of people. In the end, the California Club actually rented a local community college’s football stadium… thousands and thousands of people showed up. – That’s the power of Alcoholics Anonymous and what one bleary-eyed drunk, drooling on a tossed-aside magazine on a sidewalk in Los Angeles can do.

As for me, well… remarkably, I made it ‘one more year’ (WITH THE GRACE OF GOD), and I’m pretty happy about it. Is my story unique? Is Dal’s story unique?? Not really, you would be surprised at how many of the people you encounter in your day-to-day lives have been positively affected by AA, NA, and all the rest of the 12-step programs.

It’s a remarkable thing that I stayed sober even one day. There are family members, and friends (the police too) — and ahem, a couple of convenient-stores who lent me some money one time, — who never believed I would make it. So am I thirty five years sober? — Nah, not really…. Today, I am just ONE-DAY sober, I just stacked them up over the years. – Congratulate me if you will… but more importantly, tell your alcoholic friends, family, and associates about the wonderful world or AA… You have my permission to use my FULL name… Tom Adair, 702-884-6341, – 8209 Soaring Owl Ave. Las Vegas, NV  89129… The reason I say it so boldly is that I’m STILL in the business of carrying the message to other alcoholics… If you, or someone you know, want to get in touch with me regarding alcoholism… do it… I dare you.

“Happy Birfday to me… Happy Birfday to me…” Hey, I’m glad to sober and alive…


Another way to prevent cancer, (MS, too…)

I saw this article (concerning cancer) from the Cleveland Clinic. In case you aren’t aware of it, the Cleveland Clinic is parallel in reputation and authority to the Mayo Clinic, in Minneapolis. Both are respected world-wide for their knowledge and authoritative research.

Here is an excerpt released on 4/20/13… it’s worth the read…

Wellness Tip: How you can control one of the most preventable causes of cancer
“There’s one way to significantly slash your risk of cancer: Take a closer look at your alcohol consumption. According to a study in the American Journal of Public Health, alcohol in all forms — beer, liquor and wine — decrease your immune system’s ability to root out cancer cells early. Cutting back is a bona fide way to make cancer less likely (and a lot less likely if you have four or more drinks per day).

Past research has linked alcohol to cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, rectum and female breast. And if you develop cancer, maybe you should reduce your drinks from one per day to one per week: “Even as little as one drink per day seems to be associated with breast (and other) cancers, and the more you drink, the higher your risk,” says Halle Moore, MD, a breast cancer oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Three or more drinks per week boost the risk of breast cancer recurrence by 30 percent, and overweight and postmenopausal women may be particularly at risk. So if you are particularly at risk for cancer or a cancer recurrence, you might say to heck with alcohol for heart and blood vessel benefit, and go for the lowest cancer risk.”

Meals, – What DO I Eat?

The most frequent question I get asked is… what are my meals like? I think because from a “TAD” (typical American diet) point of view, there’s a concept like: “What the heck can you eat, if you’re not going to Burger King / Mickie D’s / your local steakhouse, spaghetti joint, or Chinese emporium. So, I thought I’d give you an example of some typical meals for me.

For breakfast, I usually have some oatmeal with raisins and toasted slivered almonds in it. I often slice a banana to put on top, and I frequently add some fresh blueberries. I add a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar to sweeten it up, but no milk or butter. – If I don’t have oatmeal, I have some gluten-free bread I discovered. I don’t eat it because it’s “gluten-free”; I eat it because I LIKE it. I put some ‘spreadable-fruit’ on it… and it tastes great, at least to me.

At lunch, because I LIKE tomato sandwiches, – I have one. I use a multi-grain bread, and instead of mayo, I use spicy brown mustard, and three thick slices of tomato. If I don’t have a tomato sandwich, I cook a small Idaho ‘gold’ potato in the microwave, add some beans I cooked in my slow-cooker, and put some salsa over everything. I also frequently have what I call a  “health-salad” – It’s just a regular salad with a lot of stuff in it:  beans / frozen corn or frozen peas / maybe some slivered almonds / raisins / blueberries / green onions / sesame seeds… just no cheese or oily salad dressing. I found a great “no-oil” salad dressing at the health food store, and I put it on liberally.

For dinner, I have some different beans I’ve cooked in a slow-cooker. They could have okra in them… maybe green beans… maybe green peas… Sometimes I have “naked” spaghetti and I put an oil-free tomato sauce on them. Sometimes I have a big ol’ health salad, with a lot of fruit in it… Last night I had “yellow” sweet potatoes, a baked onion, and alternating rows of fresh tomatoes and onions. – I sometimes have eggplant slices I’ve baked in the oven. I spread some hummus on the top of them, then top ‘em with a tomato slice, and add a couple of pieces of sliced mushroom… It may sound weird, but it tastes great.

The important point is… I don’t see myself as being ‘deprived’ at all… I see myself as maybe ‘liberating’ myself from the prison of poisonous food. I’m not joking when I say I feel better, I have a greater sense of ‘well-being’, I have a greater interest in sex, more vitality in general, and even a happier view on “life” — Now, is all that due to my ‘plant-only / no-oil’ program? – I don’t know for sure. There IS such a thing as the “placebo” effect. Maybe because I WANT to feel this way, then I DO feel this way… but, it doesn’t seem like the ‘placebo’ thing to me. – I really DO think it’s because I’m not poisoning my body anymore. The author of the book I reference frequently, says there is an EMPERICAL, TESTABLE state your body goes into when you eat his way. Mine sure feels that way, and my tests scores are real and not made up.

One additional note…

I got this (in quotes, just below) from a friend of mine last night. He’s an engineer, and knows a lot about a lot of things… I think he’s right in his statement – (I added the ‘bolds’)

“…The biggest problem right now is that the food industry is in the process of addicting the public to levels of salt, sugar, and fat that are sending an entire generation of people to early graves.  The corporations are giving consumers exactly what they crave, while at the same time doing everything they can to keep them from discovering that it’s bad for them.  You can’t really blame them too much.  That’s just capitalism at work.  Experience has shown that the way to sell products is to add salt, sugar, and fat up to a point called the “bliss limit” — a point at which people get maximum satisfaction before the palate and digestive system react to decrease the desire for the product.  Experience has also shown that the way to kill a successful product line is to make it healthier, removing levels of sugar, salt, and fat.”

(Don’t you just KNOW that’s blanking true, those assholes…)

Anyway, I hope my food-menu helps. If you have any suggestions, pass ’em on.


Test Results, (3-11-13)

Good news! – I took my latest blood test this past Thursday, (3/7.) — I got the results today.

Just a bit of a preamble here, – I REALLY HAVE followed my ‘plant-only / no-oil’ program strictly. I have had ZERO meats or derivatives. In his ‘plant-only’ book, the author (Esselstyne) has a rule that’s easy to remember: “If it’s got a ‘face’, or a ‘mother’, you can’t eat it.” — A ‘face’ food would be like a chicken/cow/pig… a ‘mother’ food would be like milk/eggs/bacon… It seems simple enough to me.

On the PLUS side, a whole new world has opened up to me. – In fact, a whole new DELICIOUS world. I eat a very satisfying menu, and it’s WAY cheaper than “TAD”, the Traditional American Diet. I can honestly say that I DON’T miss some of my former faves; – things like cheese, cheeseburgers, eggs, ICE CREAM, PEANUT BUTTER (sigh) or Marie Callender’s  lemon meringue pie; (Famous Dave’s Bar-b-que??) Well maybe I DO miss them a tad, after all. –

But seriously, it really IS worth it… Let me prove my point… Here are my latest test results:

Total cholesterol = 117  — (I “predicted” it would be 123… So, it was LESS than my prediction, – which is a good thing) – Anything below 150 is perfect according to the author of the book.

Low cholesterol = 71 – (I “predicted” it would be 88… Again, it was LESS than my prediction, – which is also a good thing) – The author of the book says that anything below 80 is ideal.

High cholesterol = 39 – (I “predicted/hoped” it would be 70… — So, it’s actually on the LOW side; — ideally, one wants their ‘High’ cholesterol to be higher than their low cholesterol)

PSAs (prostate)  = 3.6 – (I “predicted” it would be 2.7…. but it’s actually ‘up’ slightly from 3.3 to 3.6)

Homocystiene Test = 8.5 (Homosysteines are an indication of general ‘inflammation’ in the body)  – (I “predicted” it would be +/- ‘8’… — so ‘8’ hit my prediction)

By way of explanation,

‘Three 10ths of a point’ increase on PSAs isn’t a lot, and at that granularity-level, it might not be accurately measurable – The “Magic Number” on PSAs is 4… so, as long as I’m under that, I’m in the “normal” range.

The upper limit of homosysteins is 11.3 – Before this particular test, mine were 10.2 — So the DECREASE to 8.5 is a VERY noticeable decrease, and a great indicator that my “plant-only / no-oil” program is working. The theory on homosysteines is that most diseases are a result of ‘inflammation’ – Think of rubbing a small brush across the skin on your arm till it turns red… That would be ‘inflamed’ – THEREFORE… an ‘inflamed’ body is more prone to diseases of any type, over a non-inflamed body.

So, the bottom line on all this is pretty simple, it seems to work, and is made valid via the blood tests and corresponding results.

But there’s still more… I ‘feel’ great! — Admittedly, ‘feeling great’’ is subjective… but it’s nevertheless true. I feel great, all my body aches are gone; my strength / stamina / ’friskiness’ have increased, and I seem to have a greater sense of ‘well-being’. – Do I miss anything?? – Well, small stuff, in little ways, sure. But do I miss Burger King / Dominoes / In ‘n Out Burgers / DQ / Dennys /Olive Garden / Appleby’s / and all the rest? – NO!… Not even a little bit.

My guess is that those were somehow or other passively ‘addictive’. Maybe they put unnoticed or unsuspected additives in their food that creates or augments consumption. Maybe it’s the marketing… (I STILL think Red Lobster makes the best commercials I’ve ever seen – followed closely my Dairy Queen.)

But the real truth is… I really don’t want them anymore … I don’t CRAVE them anymore… and more importantly, — they’re not making me sick anymore.

Stay tuned.

Food-Additives, Meds, and Other Madness

I had lunch with a friend of mine this week. He is still a young guy, just beginning his ‘50’s, and was aware of my adventure into healthy eating. He asked me to have lunch with him, and kind of ‘walk him through’ what had happened to me, and what I did to treat my body, – from a ‘food/nutrition’ point of view.

So we went to a place another “veggie” had introduced me to, “The Red Velvet Café.” I agree, it sounds like it should be next to Sherri’s, uh… “House o’ Fun”  out in Pahrump. But it wasn’t; it was in the “Fashion Show Mall”, next to the strip, right here in ‘Vegas. – We both had a large, green-salad-bed, and on it were alternating slices of beets and tangerines on the top edge, and on the lower edge, there were alternating slices of tomatoes and red onions. It was the first time seeing something like that for my bud, and only the second time for me. I carry my own salad dressing, which is a “no-oil” brand I picked up at Trader Joes.

We both enjoyed the meal, as it progressed; and we began to share our ‘health-concerns’ with each other. I told him mine seemed to be resolving themselves, thanks to my ‘plant-only/no-oil plan’. In the course of our conversation, my bud started listing his complaints: diabetes, – (serious) high blood pressure, overweight, a general ‘uneasiness’ about the state of his health, and several more. I asked him to give me an example of what he ate, as a general regimen. “Uh… well there’s…(and he began to recite a ‘typical American diet’.) As I listened, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the amount of processed foods he ate. They ranged from ‘fast-foods’ to the pre-packaged, processed food he got at his major food store.

Now think about this… this guy has ADMITTED to: diabetes / high blood pressure / too much weight / headaches / body-aches / etc. — and the amount of meds he was taking (for EACH of those problems) was extensive. I couldn’t believe it…It appeared to me he was headed down the wrong road, at an accelerating speed… and if he didn’t stop the mad flight soon, he was going to be past a tipping point.

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of us? I know it sure described me before I “changed my ways”. My wife and I even chuckle about some of the crazy foods we used to eat: “Cheese-Sammies” (mayo slathered on toast, then slices of tomato, topped with a LOT of cheese, and heated in the oven.) The only thing on the dish that was natural were the tomato slices. We had that two or three times a week. I’m not even going to tell you about the embarrassing amount of butter and eggs I had PER WEEK, suffice to say, it was.. ahem, ‘extensive’. Processed food?? – “Fuhgetaboutit” – isn’t it a wonder that ANY of us make it to 60?

All of that is the preamble to the article that follows. It’s by a medical doctor with a clinic in Chicago. His name is Dr. Mercola and I have subscribed to his newsletter for several years. Here is what it says, with the corresponding link to the article at the bottom.

Check it out, notice the quotes, they are HIS words, not mine. The ‘bolds’, I added. It’s actually unbelievable.

By Dr. Mercola

More than 3,000 food additives — preservatives, flavorings, colors and other ingredients — are added to foods in the United States.

While each of these substances are legal to use in the US, whether or not they are safe for long-term consumption — by themselves or in combination — is a different story altogether. Many have been deemed too harmful to use in other countries.

When you consider that about 90 percent of the money Americans spend on food goes toward processed foods loaded with these additives, it’s no wonder most people are carrying a hefty toxic load that can wreak havoc on their health.

A list of ingredients that are banned across the globe but still allowed for use in America recently made the news. The list is featured in the new book, Rich Food, Poor Food, authored by nutritionist Mira Calton and her husband Jayson.

The banned ingredients include various food dyes, the fat substitute Olestra, brominated vegetable oil, potassium bromate (aka brominanted flour), Azodicarbonamide, BHA, BHT, rBGH, rBST, and arsenic.

Seeing that the overall health of Americans is so much lower than other industrialized countries, you can’t help but wonder whether toxic ingredients such as these might play a role in our unhealthy conditions.

Meanwhile, Russia has announced that it plans to extend a ban on U.S. beef, pork and turkey imports coming into effect this month, due to the feed additive ‘ractopamine’ in the meats. Ractopamine is a growth stimulant banned in several countries, including Russia.”


Do you get my drift here? — isn’t it practically amazing that any of us are still walking around? I say, NO WONDER my bud is sick… NO WONDER the populace at large is ill and dying… NO WONDER our health care in America is overwhelmed. And guess what, it’s only going to get worse.

“Take heed, friends and neighbors…” – Well, I’m certainly no preacher-man, and I guarantee you my feet are made of clay. But I DO urge you to “look over” your aches, pains, med-symptoms, prescriptions, and other health-related items. – Is it just me, or does it make sense to get out of the rat-cage and into the freedom of: “good health = good nutrition.”

I know, I’m preaching, and I promised not to do that… but just yesterday AFTERNOON, a young friend of mine, (25), called me and told me her husband (30’s), had a stroke. A mild one, (whatever that means) and as I commiserated with her, I asked her what he usually ate. – Do I have to tell you?

Follow up…

The most requests I get are:  “What’s it like?How do you do it?” – The short answer is – check out the book that is the foundation of my program, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease– Esselstyn.

But, let me give you a more ‘personal’ view, I fix stuff out of that book all the time. Just last night I had (what I call), ‘root stew’. It was just like regular stew, but without any meat or oil. It really was great. I’m not just saying that because I’m eating this way, either. – The recipe is also on my cancer blog, www.thecancerdiary.com – (from my links page) http://www.forksoverknives.com/  — I WILL say this — it’s hard to begin to “think anew” for anyone. Old habits die hard, and new methods and routines are difficult to establish. But here’s the deal, it really IS worth it. A lot of us are entering our mid, to ‘mature’ years. – It makes it SO MUCH EASIER to ‘glide’ into those years rather than ‘struggle’ into them.

Briefly, here is what has happened to me; (just so you know, this is personal assessment, NOT personal aggrandizement.) – First, I just ‘feel’ better. It may be subjective, but I have more ‘energy’, almost as if I’m taking some kind of a polite stimulant. I’m more interested in “life”, (less depression / melancholy / nostalgia.) I have much less vague aches, pains, complaints. I’m less ‘irritable’ and I get ‘annoyed’ less. – My sex-interest has improved, and I have more of a (for lack of a better word) ‘teenage’ interest in sex; – ‘frolicking’, you might say.

On an ‘internal’ side, as some of you may know, I had (and was hospitalized for) ‘diverticulosis’ in 2010. Since I’ve been on “POP”, my ‘plant-only-plan,’ – the consumed food I eat now passes around my lower intestine with ZERO pain. I’m guessing my lower level was ‘inflamed’ or irritated to some degree… Now, it doesn’t hurt anymore.  (Hey, when your plumbing is messed up, YOU are messed up.)

Other observed stuff:  I  have less ‘floaters’ in my eyes, no more ‘vague’ pains in my chest; my gracious spouse tells me I ‘look’ healthier (whatever that means) – Factually, my test-results are almost unbelievable… my total cholesterol dropped to below 100, blood pressure down to 119/73…. My wife is on the plan too, and her cholesterol went from a tested 228 to a tested 143. These are REAL numbers, folks; not vague imaginations.

But the “even better” side is – the food tastes great!  Let me give you an example, we had natural pancakes (not pre-packaged) with bananas and real maple syrup, on Sunday morning, — I have real oatmeal with brown sugar, bananas, blueberries frequently – Another dish we have is beans… we generally have two different kinds of beans, cooked in a slow cooker. We put them on a plate with alternating layers of tomatoes and onions on the side. I LOVE ‘em. – Concerning the beans, since they are a little plain, I add chopped okra at the last minute, while they are still in the crock pot; as an alternative, sometimes I add either green beans or green peas… — It’s not unusual for me to have tomato sandwiches (with mustard instead of mayo.)  I have cold, crisp apples, pears almost every day.  – I make a ‘green-smoothie’ and have three of them a day. They are mostly veggies with a dollop of raw honey; not delicious by DQ standards, but not ‘bad’ either. It satisfies my brain that they are medicinal.

The bottom line on all this is that the typical American diet /’fast-food’/ pre-packaged grocery items – are seriously bad for you. Our American food is SO adulterated with additives, ‘fillers’, colorings, preservatives, etc. — It makes sense that when one stops eating that (oftentimes literal) shit… one will feel better and have less diseases. — Time magazine recently had a cover-article on the astounding cost of medicine. I really DO believe ‘they’ (the medical industry) look at us as a ‘revenue-stream’. It seems like the food-industry sickens us up, the med-industry “treats” us (for HUGE profits), and insurance companies profit by it…  AT… the taxpayer’s expense.

To me, figuring out a way to eat healthy is personally satisfying, CHEAPER, tastier (seriously), – and as a plus… jabs a stick in the eye of those food/med/insurance ‘blankers’. – Granted, I may hit the ground today, but I truly believe I’ve grabbed the brass ring, — the ‘key-to-life’… — ‘the magic lantern’, pick your metaphor; — but that really IS the way I feel, and my test results back it up.

I have zero intention of bugging any of you on this. – I don’t want to get evangelical about it; I’m just passing it on. I’m a little older than some of you, therefore ‘down the path’ a little further. My main point is: — people don’t HAVE to be “old and decrepit”, – it seems to be self-induced.

Good luck in your ‘adventure in vitality’. I’m always available if any of you want to ‘visit’ about any of this…. (sermon over)